About Camp Beyond


Summer camp may be cancelled or look different because of social distancing norms, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t still have a memorable and meaningful summer.

Introducing Camp Beyond, an eight-week camp for kids ages 4-10 and their families.

Camp Beyond is here to support you with a summer filled with fun activities, a camp community, and memories to last a lifetime. We’ll relay the information virtually and provide you with a daily schedule of activities you can do outside and away from the computer. Expect arts & crafts, outdoor games, sports, cooking and more. We’ll have themed weeks, special events and tons of surprises, too. Participate in every activity or simply use our ideas for a little structure to your outdoor family fun.

There is no cost to participate, simply sign up to be a part of the first ever, world's largest, virtual summer camp.

About Bump Club and Beyond

bump club and beyond

Camp Beyond is brought to you by Bump Club and Beyond. For over a decade, Bump Club and Beyond has connected parents and parents-to-be with the best products, resources, information and each other – both online and through thousands of premier events nationwide. BCB’s content and events are relevant for all parents – from expectancy through grade school, continuously providing resources as the kids of their longstanding community grow.