Thursday: Let's Play Water Games!

July 08, 2020 2 min read

Thursday: Let's Play Water Games!

What's camp without a few water games? It's the perfect way to get outside, cool off a bit, and have fun! Here are a few of our favorites.

 Pass the Water

  1. Grab a few friends and stand in a single file line, front-to-back.
  2. Place a bucket full of water in front of the first person, and an empty bucket behind the last person. Each person holds an empty plastic cup.
  3. The first person scoops up water from the bucket, passes it over their head, and without turning around, dumps the water into the person's cup behind them.
  4. Keep passing the water until the bucket at the end of the line is full!

Good Ole Fashioned Water Balloon Toss

  1. Blow up a bunch of water balloons and find a partner.
  2. Toss the balloon back and forth and try not to drop it!
  3. If your water balloon pops, your team is out.
  4. Keep playing until you have a water balloon toss champion!

Water Balloon on a Spoon Race

  1. Gather some friends, a few spoons, and fill up a bunch of water balloons.
  2. Place an empty bucket a few yards away from your water balloons.
  3. The goal is to get all the water balloons from one bucket to the other, while balancing the water balloons on the spoon.
  4. If the water balloon slips off, it will break and you have to start over!
  5. You can divide up into teams or play on a team all together and try to beat your time.

Drip, Drip, Drop!

This fun game is a lot like duck, duck, goose, but with water!

All you need is a bucket of water, a cup, and friends sitting in a circle.

  1. The person who is "it" fills up their cup with water, dips their fingers in the water, and sprinkles a bit on each player's head.
  2. Be sure to say "DRIP" each time.
  3. Repeat until the person who is "it" spills the rest of the water on a player and says "DROP!"
  4. That person chases the person who is "it" back to their original spot.
  5. Whoever is left standing is "it"!

Water Balloon Baseball

  1. Fill up water balloons and play a fun game of baseball!
  2. You can even use pool noodles cut in half for bats.
  3. Get ready to get wet playing this game!

How Far Can You Toss? 

  1. Fill up water balloons and stand in a line facing each other.
  2. Toss it to your partner and let them toss it to you.
  3. Then you both take a small step backwards away from each other.
  4. Keep taking turns tossing the water balloon and taking a step back.
  5. See who can toss their balloon the farthest without it popping!

 Ready for more? Try our water relay race! Instructions here


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