Parents: How to Keep Your Kids Hydrated in the Heat

July 12, 2020 3 min read

Parents: How to Keep Your Kids Hydrated in the Heat

Parents: Our partner, Pediasure, has provided us with important tips on how to keep your kids hydrated this summer. 

Fun in the sun can turn not-so-fun if heat leaves you or your little one dehydrated. Whether your climate is hot year-round or it only hits high temperatures in the summer, heat can lead to perspiration, and perspiration can cause dehydration—which may make you or your little one feel worse. But there’s something everyone can do to feel better fast—rehydrate with Pedialyte®.

How heat can lead to dehydration

  Dehydration often occurs in hot weather because the hotter you or your little one’s body temperature becomes, the more you perspire or sweat. Sweat is our body’s natural cooling mechanism, but if you sweat a lot, you can lose enough fluids and electrolytes to leave you dehydrated. So if you or your little one is feeling tired, headachy, or experiencing other symptoms of dehydration, rehydrate with Pedialyte to See the Lyte and feel better fast.

Heat Exhaustion

It’s really important to keep yourself and your kids hydrated in the heat because dehydration can contribute to a more serious condition—heat exhaustion.

Common Heat Exhaustion Symptoms:

  • Rapid pulse
  • Muscle or stomach cramps
  • Excessive sweating
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Clammy and pale skin
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fainting

Make sure to get to a cooler location, rest, and rehydrate if you or your little one start to experience any of these symptoms. Left untreated, heat exhaustion can become heat stroke—a much more serious condition that may require hospitalization.

Exercise and dehydration

Whether you’re running a marathon or your kids are playing in a weekend-long soccer tournament, exercise can leave you or your little ones tired, sore, and dehydrated. The more active you are, the more you may sweat, which can cause dehydration—affecting your performance mid workout and making you (or your kids) feel worse after. So, rehydrate with Pedialyte® to feel better fast.

How exercise can lead to dehydration

As you or your kids are active, your body temperature rises and perspiration—the body’s natural cooling mechanism—kicks in. But sweating a lot while active can lead to enough fluid and electrolyte loss to cause dehydration. So, if you or your little one start to feel tired, lightheaded, or are experiencing other dehydration symptoms during or after exercise, rehydrate with Pedialyte to feel better fast.

How dehydration affects performance

Even being just a tiny bit dehydrated can hurt your physical performance. Fluid and electrolyte loss of as little as 2% of your body weight may make it harder for you to sustain exercise, can increase your body temperature, and make you feel as if you’re working out harder than you are. To lift more weight or run faster (or longer), make sure to hydrate before, during, and after you exercise.

Best Pedialyte products for exercise and dehydration

During and after your workouts, rehydrate with our medical-grade rehydration. Juice, sodas, and sports drinks are too high in sugar and too low in the important electrolyte, sodium. With an optimal balance of fluids and electrolytes, Pedialyte is the #1 recommended brand for rehydration by both pharmacists and pediatricians.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals essential to your health. They help carry electrical signals that power your nerves and muscles, maintain your blood’s proper pH, and balance fluids in your body. You get electrolytes from what you eat and drink, and you lose them any time you lose fluids (like when you sweat or go to the bathroom).


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