Wacky Water Week Sea Creatures!

July 15, 2021 2 min read

Wacky Water Week Sea Creatures!

In honor of this week being Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, we wanted to share some of our favorite facts about wacky sea creatures!

This week, we’ll be learning about three cool sea creatures and some things you probably never knew about them. Ready to go? Let's get started. 

1. The Octopus - Do you have an octopus as a toy, or you know someone that has? Then you might have been wondering where they live. Well, they live in the sea, and they don't have red blood in their system but blue blood. Yes! Also, every human has one heart that pumps blood, but how many do you think Octopus has? The answer is - three!  Yes, three hearts are functioning in the Octopus, and they are all working perfectly. Cool right? 

2. Blue whales - Do you know how big an elephant is? If you just know an elephant is big, that's a good start because that weight is the same as the tongue of a blue whale. What this means is that the blue whale is exceptionally massive. In fact, it is the biggest animal in the world. So, if you are asked - What is the biggest animal in the world, you know what to say, right?

3. Sea sponges - Have you ever helped your mom wash the dishes? If you have, then you will be familiar with sponges! The sponge you use to wash looks exactly like an animal in the sea. Do you also watch SpongeBob SquarePants on TV? The guy you see smiling on TV is just an illustration of the sea sponge. Interestingly, the sea sponge doesn't have these organs: heart, lungs, eyes, brain, bones, head, and mouth. So, how are they surviving? Well, who knows? Maybe you can explore that when you grow older!

For more fun facts on Wacky Sea Creatures, check out Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!