Olympic Games Fun Facts!

July 19, 2021 1 min read

Olympic Games Fun Facts!

Do you enjoy watching your favorite sports at the Olympics? How many things do you know about the Olympics in general? One? Two? Plenty things? If you don't know much, don't worry, let's do a quick overview of some fun facts about Olympics as we answer some simple questions kids around the world has been asking about the Olympics.


1. Where are the Olympics being held this year? 
If you guessed Tokyo, you are correct! Tokyo is a city in Japan, and this is the second time they will be hosting the Olympics. Plus, Japan will be hosting the Olympics for the fourth time since Olympics started in 1896.

2. How do the Olympics choose the city to host the competition? 
If you think it is just based on who has plenty of fans, then think again. Everywhere you go, you will see Olympics fans like yourself excited about the games. But, the selection process is done by the International Olympics Committee (IOC), who cast votes on where to host the games!

3. When will the Olympics be held in your city? 
If the Olympics hasn’t taken place in your city, don't feel sad or angry because it’s still a possibility! Cities provide a list of reasons for the IOC to consider them, so maybe your city will be a future Olympic Host city. How cool would that be?? You can check out www.olympics.com to learn more about the history of the Olympics and keep up with your favorite athletes and teams!