July 15, 2021 3 min read


What better way to end this Wacky Water Week than with an ultimate water balloon fight? The best thing about this water activity is that you can have it in your OWN backyard! Playing with water balloons is fun as it is, but there are so many ways to turn an ordinary water balloon fight into an epic aquatic battle! Listed below are a few different games and tips you can use to create some awesome summer fun!

Water Balloon Dodgeball: In an open area, place cones to set boundaries for two separate teams. Fill two buckets with water balloons and place the buckets in the middle of the playing area. Participants must stand on their respective sides, and when given the cue to go, they must run to the middle, grab the balloons, and run back while continuing to throw the water balloons at the opposing side. Players must dodge the water balloons being thrown, and the last person standing wins the game for their team!

Water Balloon Piñata: Parents should first select an ideal location to hang the water balloons overhead (make sure it is in within reach for the kids). Next, cut a piece of string that is strong and long enough to hold multiple balloons side by side. Tie the ends of the string to your selected structure and begin to fill your balloons with water. The fuller the balloon are filled, the faster it will burst when hit. Tie the ends of the balloon to the string (about 2 inches apart). Have participants line up and take turns swinging a plastic bat to the hanging balloons. One hit per person will ensure multiple turns for everyone, and make sure all children back a safe distance from the batter.

Water Balloon Volleyball Game: First, split your group up into pairs of two, and make sure each pair has a towel. It is helpful to have a volleyball net set up, if not, you can still play! It is recommended to have plenty of balloons ready on hand. Next, have the players on each team stand across from one another. Have each person hold the corners of the towel and place one water balloon in the middle of the towel. Make sure each pair of players are standing on opposite ends. When they are ready to play, have the pair with the balloon launch the water balloon over to the other team by lifting their towel upwards. The pair on the opposing side must try to catch the balloon with their towel. If they can catch the water balloon, have them repeat and launch the balloon back to the other pair of players. This game requires teamwork and is the perfect way to stay cool this summer! 

The Ultimate Water Balloon Battlefield: Summer would not be complete without a traditional water balloon fight! However, with a few more water toys in the mix, you can have the ultimate water balloon battle! Whether it is adding splash bombs, water blasters, water guns, or even a slip and slide -- spice up this water activity to have maximum fun! In an open playing field, randomly spread out these supplies over the field. Once the game starts, give players the chance to use multiple toys and items to defend themselves and attack the other players. No matter how you approach your water balloon fight, this is a guarantee that everyone will have a blast!

These water activities are easy, convenient, and a fun way to beat the summer heat! With just a few supplies, you can create a legendary water balloon fight that will have everyone on their feet and staying active! Lastly, make sure to document these summer memories by tagging your photos to @bumpclubandbeyond #CampBeyond on Instagram!