August 10, 2021 2 min read


We all wish to be on a dreamy vacation right now, and although our circumstances are different this year—that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on creating summer memories! One of the best options for some ultimate family bonding is having an epic backyard sleepover! Turning your backyard into your very own campsite will such an exciting experience for the kids, and it will guarantee the best summer memories yet. The tips and tricks we will be sharing can be easily incorporated, and it will make your summer staycation a family tradition!


  • Watch a movie
    Gather a bunch of blankets and pillows and set up a white sheet or blank canvas to project a movie on it.
  • Pitch a tent
    Grab a camping tent and have your family build it together or get creative and make your own fort.
  • Have a grill out
    Take advantage of being in your own backyard and cook up some delicious food that is perfect for the outdoors.
  • Make s’mores
    Camping wouldn’t be complete without s’mores---this is a perfect opportunity to make those special treats!
  • Set up a backyard scavenger hunt
    What better way to enjoy the outdoors than to do a nature scavenger hunt (good thing we have the perfect nature treasure hunt made just for you!)
  • Sing campfire songs
    No need to be professional musicians---grab any items you can use as musical instruments and jam out to your favorite songs.
  • Share fun stories
    Whether it be sharing past memories or even spooky ghost stories, everyone can gather around the fire and take turns sharing.
  • Play backyard games
    Get creative and make up your own backyard games that will have everyone on their feet!
  • Build a backyard fire pit
    Everyone loves building their own fire to keep warm throughout the night! (We highly recommend to ONLY do this if you have a reliable fire pit that can contain the fire)
  • Enjoy hot cocoa and star gazing
    Enjoy this cozy treat in your backyard as you take in the beauty of mother nature!

There are so many ways to turn an ordinary backyard sleepover into an awesome backyard adventure! We can’t wait to see how you put your own twist to this summer activity, so make sure to tag us in your photos @BumpClubandBeyond #CampBeyond. To access tips on how to have a better sleep outside, be sure to check out this article at Naturepedic